Iolite is the blue to blue-violet gemstone-quality variety of the Cordierite mineral. In addition to its beautiful colours, this gemstone can be used as a substitute for Kyanite, Sapphire and Tanzanite gemstones. Iolite is a considered to be a relatively new gemstone within the jewellery market and is rapidly increasing in popularity.

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Natural Oval Shape Iolite Gemstones for Sale South Africa

2.47ct Iolite – Oval

Product Type Natural Iolite
Size (mm) 9.13 Length 8.03 Width 5.72 Depth
Number of Gems 1
Total Weight 2.47ct
Shape / Cut Oval
Colour Bluish-Violet
Clarity VS
Origin Madagascar
Hardness 7.0 MOH'S Scale
Crystal Structure Orthorhombic
Enhancement None
Certificate No
Product Code 21531