Tourmaline is the modern birth stone of October, the gem can be found in a myriad of colours ranging from; green, pink, blue, yellow, red and black to name a few. Native American and Aboriginal tribes used the stone in many ways as it was believed to bring healing powers to the user. Tourmaline is also believed to stimulate communication and cooperation between opposing forces and has been used to encourage self-confidence and reduce fear through understanding.


Opal is the traditional birthstone of October.  These gemstones are most well known for their ability of displaying play of colour.  Despite various superstitions that surround the stone, ancient Native Americans and Aborigines used the stone as a tool of ‘insight’ to invoke visions, dreams and changes in their surroundings. It is rumored by ancient people of the world that Opal can improve eyesight, alleviate fever and bring calamity during childbirth.

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