The Official Birthstone of April: Diamond! Natural Diamond Gemstones for Sale South Africa

Let Your Beauty Sparkle with Every Facet of The Diamond Gemstone

Diamond is the official birthstone of April. This gemstone has a wide variety of colours. But, majority of mined Diamonds are colourless. This gemstone becomes known as fancy colour when it possesses a colour.

Fancy colour Diamonds are incredibly unique and hold an immense amount of value as a result of their rarity. Moreover, research proves the rarity of fancy colour Diamonds. In addition, one in every 10,000 Diamonds classify as fancy colour. Further, approximately 2% of Diamonds classify as coloured.

The precious gemstone industry boasts a wide selection of coloured gemstones. However, only few others hold such an iconic status as fancy colour Diamonds.

Diamond has a hardness of 10.0 on Mohs scale. To clarify, it is an incredibly durable gemstone. To keep up with current fashion trends, fancy colour Diamonds offer an opportunity to create beautiful jewellery. On the other hand, the April birthstone is one that is timeless in jewellery pieces. No matter the design, this gemstone radiates confidence, appreciation and class.


Diamond is a gemstone of light, purity and strength. This gemstone sparkles through love as a symbol of commitment, faithfulness and promise. Traditional engagement and wedding rings contain Diamonds. However, these should not be the only stones considered!

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