Natural Tourmaline Gemstones for Sale South Africa

A Gemstone for Every Occasion

A Colour for Every Emotion

Tourmaline was first discovered during the 1500s in Brazil. Its name derives from the Sinhalese (a language of Sri Lanka) term toramalli, which means “mixed gems”, reflecting their colour range. 

Tourmaline has gained popularity due to its incredible range of colours. The Ancient Egyptians believed that this stone traveled through a rainbow on its journey to Earth! Scientifically, the crystal structure of Tourmaline allows various elements to naturally fuse with the gemstone during its formation. This results in its colour variations.

There are Tourmaline mines in areas
within Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and South America.

Visually, Tourmaline is similar to other gemstones. Therefore, this gemstone serves as an excellent substitute. In addition, Tourmaline has a hardness between 7.0 and 7.5 on Mohs scale. This makes the gemstone an ideal choice for any type of jewellery piece.

Explore the vibrant world of Tourmaline with us!

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