Natural Gemstone Ruby Birthstone July

Exquisite Ruby

Ruby, deriving from the Latin word rebeus which means red, is widely known for its fiery colour. Ruby is an incredibly sought-after precious gemstone and is extremely rare and valuable. Ruby and sapphire are closely related as they are both a part of the corundum mineral family.
Ruby offers
vibrant shades of red, ranging from purple-reds to pink-reds to wine reds. The shade of red that a ruby possesses depends on where it has been mined. Ruby deposits are located in areas of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

Ruby is cut and polished in order to give its natural sparkle and lustre the recognition it deserves. Ruby cabochons display a beautiful cat’s eye effect. Certain ruby cabochons that display a unique star-like effect are known as star rubies. Additionally, the mix of light reflection and the crystal structure of a ruby results in its irresistible sparkle, lustre, cat’s eye and star effects.
With a hardness of 9.0 on Mohs scale, ruby is a durable gemstone that looks stunning when set with any type of precious metal. Emphasised by its rich visual properties, jewellery that is set with ruby radiates love and passion, making it a perfect option for a loved one. Undoubtedly so, ruby is a captivating gemstone that makes any occasion – whether casual or formal – special.

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